The DIYSCO2 Project

A mobile monitoring system to map CO2 emissions in urban environments.

A project by the Micrometerology Group at the University of British Columbia

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Documentation for DIYSCO2 assembly

This repository contains the Arduino software and the assembly instructions for the DIYSCO2 sensor.

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Code for processing raw sensor data

This repository contains the python code for processing the raw sensor data points.

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Code for the data analysis

This repository contains the R code for the analysis which was performed as part of our paper.

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Interactive Visualization of the study

Explore this interactive map of the grid averaged mixing ratios and emissions of Vancouver, BC.

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Traffic Count Processing

Code for matching traffic counts with OSM

This repository contains the R code for matching the traffic count data to the OSM street network for our specific project area in Vancouver, BC

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Some tools for handling raw data from the DIYSCO2

This repository contains python code for: 1. transferring data from the DIYSCO2 system to your machine and 2. combining the .dat files into a csv based on a date range.

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